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Policarta and Policarta-Policarta are excited to announce Recyclability Certification

Date October 2020 • in Press Releases

WMU Recyclable
WMU Recyclable

19 October 2020--Policarta and Policarta-Policarta, Divisions of AFC Materials Group, are excited to announce that our NoWaste Plastic Free Paper Packaging has passed the rigorous testing standards of Western Michigan University's Old Corrugated Container Equivalency protocol for recyclability.

You have been asking for a sustainable, recyclable solution to packaging produce while still maintaining integrity and safety. We wanted to give you a product that was fully printable and customizable, worked in vertical and horizontal flow wrappers, paper-based and plastic-free, but protected your produce from sunlight and humidity.

Stefano Giusti, VP of Global Packaging, stated, "We are pleased to have a product on this very exclusive list. The fact that NoW Plastic Free is certified recyclable in the US and in Italy is not just good for us, but for every customer who wants sustainability in their packaging."

"This is another chance for our customer the hero of their story," said Mike Baker, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. "Each of our stake holders has the freedom to design packaging that works for them and for the environment. A circular economy. What could be better than that?"

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