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Industry Insights: Tortilla Manufacturing

Date September 2016 • in Industry Insights

Within the USA, the Tortilla segment of food processing has hit its stride. According to TIA's State of the Market report in 2014, Tortilla Manufacturing saw sales over $11 billion dollars in 2014 and shows no sign of slowing down. In 2000, TIA estimated that 85 billion tortillas were consumed by Americans and there are no doubts that number has increased exponentially today. The diversity of the tortilla has made it a staple in many diets. This rapid increase in demand has propelled the tortilla market to become a rapidly growing industry where innovations to the tortilla making process are done every day.

AFC has been able to collaborate with its partners to address issues that they face on their production lines. When one of our partners was facing issues with excessive waste due to tortillas being left with a mark on the belt seam, we reached out to them to collaborate and find a way to solve this issue. We were able to develop a belt that left minimal markings on the tortillas, resulting in a minimization of tortillas having a mark imprinted from the belt seam, reducing waste and helping our partner reach production goals.

AFC has become a leading supplier of high-performance conveyor belts to the tortilla industry by creating new innovations through collaborating with our partners to address their issues and increase their productivity. With our partners, we have become better together.