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Join us at NIBA Connect Virtual Expo

Date November 2020 • in Press Releases

NIBA Connect
NIBA Connect Virtual Expo

You want a partner who can keep up with the changes in the way the world does business.

We are pleased to be part of NIBA Connect--A Virtual Expo.

Please join Chris Thomas, Ismael Salomon, Mike Steiler, Walter Pry, Mandy Parks-Meakins, and others from our Customer Succes Team to discuss advancements in industrial belting and what we can design with you.

At AFC Materials Group we know that you want to be an industry leader. In order to do that, you need high-quality, customized belting, delivered on-time. The problem is poor construction, low quality, and late shipments, which make you feel frustrated and under pressure. We believe you shouldn’t be forced into a solution that doesn’t fit your needs. We understand that you want to focus on the quality of your product without worrying about the performance of your belts, which is why we have been collaborating with customers for over 30 years on belting solutions.

Here’s how to do it with our 3-Step Success Plan: 1. Connect, 2. Collaborate, 3. Configure.

We look forward to seeing you at NIBA Connect.