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NOW Plastic Free is Better for your Potatoes

Date March 2021 • in Press Releases

At Policarta we know that to be successful you need packaging that preserves the shelf life of your produce. In a third-party study conducted by ASTRA Innovazione e Sviluppo s.r.l, the shelf life of potatoes was compared in net vs paper packaging.

The study found paper packaging preserved the potatoes’ freshness longer than net packaging. After 14 days, potatoes in the paper packaging were rated “acceptable”. Potatoes in the net packaging were rated “insufficient”.

Sprouting was observed in paper packaged potatoes at day 4. In the net potatoes, sprouting started from day 7. In general, the net packaging had slightly more potatoes with green sprouts.

Greening was more contained on the surface of the potatoes in the paper packaging. Starting from day 9, the greened surface was more extensive and widespread (although clear and almost imperceptible) in the potatoes in net packaging. The differences in greening become more evident at the end of storage, and the objective measurement of the color parameters made using the Minolta colorimeter confirmed the presence of greener shades on the skin of the potatoes stored in the net.

Sensory Profile after 14 Days
Sensory Profile after 14 Days

In a taste test 14 days after packaging, the potatoes in stored in paper packaging had an overall pleasantness score of 6.3 (more than fair), and potatoes packaged in the net had a score of 5.8 (just enough).

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