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Policarta Policarta Completes Round One of Subway Rollout

Date April 2021 • in Press Releases

5 April 2021—The first quarter of the year has been exciting for Policarta Policarta as the division has completed the initial fulfillment of its rollout of Oven2Go bags for Subway.

The expansion of Policarta’s capacity began at the end of Q4 2020 and is continuing with the acquisition of equipment designed to improve the flow of materials—an automated box maker, automatic tapers, and a stretch-wrap machine—and will continue with the installation of a Koenig & Bauer printer that will run produce reels at a rate of over 300 meters per minute.

Stefano Giusti, GM at Policarta, stated: “The additional equipment allows us to meet current demand more rapidly and to bid on new jobs knowing that we’ve removed the bottlenecks.” He added, “This has also made us more enticing to a new generation of operators and machinists who want to get into this exciting industry. We’ve been able to hire production personnel due to the increased growth and forecasts.”

Mike Baker, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, noted, “Our North Star Vision of Bigger. Better. Faster. is the watermark for all of AFC’s divisions. In making our customer the hero, we also benefit all our internal stakeholders as well.”

Look for Policarta Policarta’s Oven2Go bags at Subway restaurants this Spring.

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