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DuraFlow® 507-27

PTFE Coated Mesh

Product Data for DuraFlow® 507-27

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General Information

Substrate Woven Kevlar Mesh
Coating PTFE
Color Yellow


Nominal Thickness 0.027 in.
Coated Weight 0.4 lbs. / sq. yd.
Maximum Width (in.)
*Contact customer success to confirm availability.
Tensile Warp 350 lbs. / in.
Tensile Fill 90 lbs. / in.
Window Opening 3/16 in.
Continuous Operating Temperature Range -100° to 575° F
Nominal Thickness 0.686 mm
Coated Weight 216.997 gsm
Tensile Warp 615 N/cm
Tensile Fill 160
Window Opening 4.76 mm
Continuous Operating Temperature Range -73° to 302° C
DuraFlow® Kevlar Mesh (507 Series)

AFC’s DuraFlow® Kevlar Mesh (507 Series)

DuraFlow® Kevlar® Mesh Fabrics are AFC's best option for any heavy duty application where extreme strength, high loading, and long wear life are required. The Kevlar® fabric has much higher tensile and tear strengths while still being light weight, allowing for high flexibility and conformity. The Kevlar® fabric also makes it ideal for any application with steam and moisture. Learn more here, or refer to the Belt Design Guide.

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