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Crown Cork & Seal


Crown Cork & Seal/Weston ON was closed on August 28, 2017

What We Sold

#2730 72” X 2280” Cut & Squared belt. Order for #2730 belt with our Micro PEEK seam should be arriving soon.

Why did they choose AFC over the competition?

We will be able to provide a large decrease in their downtime when changing belts. Was 2 – 3 hours and will now be approximately 45 minutes on two production lines. Their commitment was to purchase both types of belts and this was confirmed after their initial purchase. None of our competitors has approached them with this answer to their downtime issues.

How will this customer be different as the result of doing business with us?

Our products will make them more profitable mostly because of their better use of labor and time as described in #3. An easier installation process with the Micro PEEK seam requires less training then when heat sealing a 72” wide belt.

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