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Janesville Acoustics


Janesville Acoustics

What We Sold

6119-1010 and 6114T-1013; Paid trial on both materials utilized as platen covers

Why did they choose AFC over the competition?

They chose us because we were the only company willing to evaluate their material and have conversations surrounding ways we make their process and their product better. Several key people were involved on this project. Bill Lewis wanted to have a conversation with their Head of Engineering, Chris Leyda. Bill asked a lot of questions and it was clear to Janesville Acoustics they were important and we were interested in helping address their challenges. Bart and Joe evaluated the material and made recommendations for two alternate solutions. The AFC material chosen will prolong usage time and eliminate the crystals currently being formed. There was clear communication throughout this process which was delayed due to vacations.

How will this customer be different as the result of doing business with AFC?

They understand there is a team at AFC willing and able to support Janesville Acoustics efforts to save time, money, and utilize higher quality materials that will outperform their competitors.

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